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As part of Throwback Thursday I thought I would show you this arm cuff I made a couple of years ago. I still have this ….

My cocoon shrug cardi is beginning to take shape. It has now gone from a rectangle to something that looks vaguely like you could wear ….

Today’s work in progress is my scarf that I’m making from a pattern from @leftinknots it is a version of her Crunching leaves scarf ….. ….

This looks like a nice relaxing hour to me ?? Decaf tea with oat milk, yummy caramel Rice Krispies squares and lots and lots of ….

Well I was going to try and crochet some more of the shrug I’m making myself this morning but a small furry thing seems to ….

When you realise you have been walking around with one slipper on and one off but you have no idea what you have done with ….

Shhhh? Don’t tell Mr M but I seem to have a cat ?break in. I will have to do some blanket washing before he gets ….