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Don’t you just hate it when your new ball of yarn just doesn’t unwind when you are trying to stitch and you end up with ….

As part of Throwback Thursday I thought I would show you this arm cuff I made a couple of years ago. I still have this ….

My cocoon shrug cardi is beginning to take shape. It has now gone from a rectangle to something that looks vaguely like you could wear ….

I have been editing a few photos today as my hands have been too cold to crochet and found this beauty among them. I will ….

This looks like a nice relaxing hour to me ?? Decaf tea with oat milk, yummy caramel Rice Krispies squares and lots and lots of ….

The Day 12 @yarnlovechallenge today is ‘worn’. I didn’t really think I had anything that fits this until I was sat in my chair in ….

Well not much is happening at Toria’s Trinkets at the moment. I’ve been poorly since before Christmas with sinus infections and this wonderful Australian flu ….

Merry Christmas Everyone. My tree is finally finished and covered in my beaded baubles. I’m really pleased with it. I hope you all have a ….

It is Small Business Saturday what is purported to be the busiest day of the year for small businesses. Whilst many big multi national companies ….

I love wire ??? This is the piece I came up with last night whilst playing with my bare copper wire and a piece of ….