Anxiety and my first train 🚂 journey alone Part 2

Oppsie……. i seem to have made a classic mistake and deleted half of my own blog post by doing and edit rather than a copy.

I’m currently feeling a little bit silly!

coffee and a cake

So …. it’s been a few weeks since my last post as I had to get over the trip to London and the train journey.

When I left you at the end of part 1 I hadn’t even got on the train and I had already written you an essay so I will try and make this brief….. but you know what I’m like. I write like I talk and once I start there is no stopping me.

The Train Station

We pick things up at Crewe train station where the taxi drops me off, a nervous wreck. I get out of the car and he takes my scooter out of the boot and leaves it on the pavement in pieces. I looked at him and gave him that stare suggesting he was an idiot and politely asked him if he could help me put it together as I can’t lift the parts. I mean, if I couldn’t get it into his car how am I supposed to get it out and put it together?! Hey ho, we are all different!

Roll on a few minutes and believe it or not but I’ve made it to the platform and even managed to find the Virgin trains passenger assistance lady. At this point I’m feeling very pleased with myself and as I have thirty minutes before my train I treat myself to a cuppa and a cake.

As the time draws closer to the train arrival I begin to feel more nervous. What happens if I can’t get onto the train? Or my scooter cuts out or there is someone in my seat or I can’t park my scooter? I mean there is no one with me to man handle my scooter into place so I will have to actually park it and it makes so much noise when I reverse. All this is going round my head as we get closer and closer to the time the train gets here. The lovely platform staff at Crewe could see I was nervous and stood there talking to me to help me. When the train arrived


Hi, I'm Toria and i'm a little bit loopy but most of all i'm a survivor and i'm passionate about sharing my story with others. I was born with Marfans Syndrome, am dyslexic, gained a PhD, worked as a programme manager, had meningitis and now i'm jewellery designer and i hope inspiration to others.

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