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A little bit more about me and Conscious Crafties

Project Design a Blog – Day 2

I thought i would tell you a little bit more about me and Conscious Crafties, on Day 2 of Project Toria designs a blog and ‘tries’ to make it work.

I know you can read all about me and Toria’s Trinkets on the different pages of this blog, which you might want to do, but sometimes you can’t really capture who you are and what you are trying to do in 1000 words.  Lets face it I have 38 years to witter on about and I have gone through an awful lot in that time.

Today is going to be all about one of the things that will feature heavily in my Toria’s Trinkets Journey Blog.  This ‘thing’ is a wonderful page and even more amazing group of people called Conscious Crafties.  I joined Conscious Crafties a year ago but in the beginning I was too poorly to put anything into my Conscious Crafties Shop.  My friend Sarah had told me all about it and said what a wonderful place it was to sell your items and said that my handmade jewellery would be great on there.  Eventually I got an email saying that I really needed to add some item to my shop and I got my act together and started adding jewellery to my shop.  Now I can’t say i have got masses in it but i have got a number of items in there now and I am quite pleased with my progress.  It was after all the turtle that won the race not the hare!

What is Conscious Crafties?

Conscious Crafties Talent Beyond Challenges

A fabulous lady called Karen Thomas set up the Conscious Crafties site.  If it were not for her and her fabulous team of helpers aka admins, who I won’t name in this post as I haven’t asked their permission but will talk about in further blog posts, and all the wonderful people who have shops on the site this amazing community would not exist.

One of the great ways we support each other at Conscious Crafties (CC) is to sign up each week for something called CraftieFriends.  We then get paired up with fellow Crafties and share their products or services from the CC website and their page all week.  What I would like to do is take this one step further and feature my CraftieFriends on my Blog.  I feel passionate about the community that Karen has tried to create and one of the things that I have learnt in the three and a half years since I had the meningitis is that spending time each day to help others and to be kind is so very important.  I do not get any financial gain from this and my reward is to see others be happy and get some enjoyment from what they read in my posts and possibly if they can find something to purchase from one of my many fellow crafters.

If you fancy a quick gander at the website there is a link above and this is what it looks like when you get there.

CC Homepage
Conscious Crafties Homepage


Many people do not realise the therapy both mental and physical that is gained from crafting.  We all need to relax more in our lives and I for one find making both jewellery and crocheting whist using mindfulness and meditation some of the best therapy for me.  Many of my friends do the same.

Creativity and crafting is a great outlet for us all and I would urge everyone young and old alike to explore it to some extent in their lives.  Children love to draw and many knitting and crochet is making a resurgence these days.  Whatever it is that drives your passion and creativity in your life make sure that you don’t loose it because you are too busy.

Have fun and relax and most of all live your life to the full.

Toria x



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Testing, testing 1,2,3

Well now I have a blog I better see if it works.

So 1, 2, 3 here we go….

Hellooo everyone,

I’m Toria and I’m slightly loopy and extremely tired after having spent the afternoon trying to set up my new blog on the godaddy WordPress thingy page. Yes that’s about as techy as I get! The whole point was that I wanted to do it so that I could say I worked it out and that my brain actually started firing some of those neurons that have been laying dormant for some time. Throughout all that time I’ve had my little Tink sat next to me holding up the fort 😂.

I will apologise now for any grammatical errors. I am dyslexic and not matter how hard I try I often can not see where you need to put punctuation. I have been trying for years to work it out and It just doesn’t happen.  It drives my Graham potty. He is a perfectionist when it comes to the written word, and rightly so. I am often being told how badly I have written something. Hey ho, life goes on and I will always do my best.

Now why am I writing a blog? Lots of people do and some of them are plain boring. Mine could be just the same, let’s face it I can witter about nothing for one hell of a long time.  What I am going to try and do is talk about my life and the trials and tribulations I’ve been through but hopefully not in some morbid depressing way but in a way that can inspire you to get up and do something in your life.  I would also like to talk about my crafting and how through my jewellery making journey I have managed to live through and survive meningitis.  I might even post the odd pattern for some of my beading and crochet projects.

I will also be talking a lot about a wonderful page called Conscious Crafties and each week I will feature one maker who I will be paired with to share their items.  I will say more about them another day.

Handmade craft selling site & talent marketplace!

So fingers crossed this works and my first blog post goes up ok.

I’m off to find some food now.

Have a great evening everyone.

Toria xx


Don’t you just hate it when your new ball of yarn just doesn’t unwind when you are trying to stitch and you end up with a massive knot that you have to sort before you can carry on 😡

The one end had wrapped around the middle of the ball and created one great big mess 🙄. Oh well. I see some patient unknotting in my future 😂

#yarnlove #yarnknots #yarntherapy #yarnlovechallengefeb #consciouscrafties #craftiesrock #lovemyjob #lovetocrochet #handmadelove #sundaycrafting #meetthemaker #makersgottamake (at Toria’s Trinkets)


Don’t you just hate it when your new ball of yarn just doesn’t unwind when you are trying to stitch and you end up with a massive knot that you have to sort before you can carry on 😡

The one end had wrapped around the middle of the ball and created one great big mess 🙄. Oh well. I see some patient unknotting in my future 😂

#yarnlove #yarnknots #yarntherapy #yarnlovechallengefeb #consciouscrafties #craftiesrock #lovemyjob #lovetocrochet #handmadelove #sundaycrafting #meetthemaker #makersgottamake — view on Instagram


#marchmeetthemaker starts next week. I can’t wait. It was so much fun last time 😁😁😁😁😁😁#Repost @joannehawker with @get_repost
And here we go! #MarchMeetTheMaker, the insta challenge you’ve all been patiently waiting for is finally here! This year we have lots of new prompts, and plenty of surprises throughout the challenge to make things even more exciting! Wanna know what I’m talking about? Well, you’ll have to take part to find out! .
2017 was the biggest the challenge has ever been. Can we smash it and make 2018 even bigger? I think we can. I’m up for the challenge, how about you? Tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops, and let’s get as many creatives involved as we can to grow our amazing community of makers and small businesses!
For those of you who are new to this, this challenge is to help small businesses such as you and me to tell the story behind the brand. It also aims to give an insight into the face, process and hard work that goes into creating all of the beautiful products we have to offer. .
The challenge kicks off on Thursday 1st March 2018 and absolutely anyone can join in, in fact, the more the merrier! All you have to do is post a daily photo to Instagram relating to the prompt of that day and tag it with #MarchMeetTheMaker to take part. If you ever want to revisit the prompts, save this image or hop on over to (link also in bio) to have a browse. I can’t wait to see what you post and learn a little more about you! — view on Instagram


As part of Throwback Thursday I thought I would show you this arm cuff I made a couple of years ago. I still have this available in my shop as I couldn’t bare to sell this for a long while.
I can make this is a range of colours and might just have to make myself one in blue and gold.
#throwbackthursday #throwbackpic #craftiesrock #consciouscrafties #toriastrinkets #lovetocraft #armcuff #handmadegifts #handmadejewellery #craftyfeatures #armjewellery #armcandy #handmadelove #lovehandmade #makersgottamake #buyhandmade (at Toria’s Trinkets)


My cocoon shrug cardi is beginning to take shape. It has now gone from a rectangle to something that looks vaguely like you could wear it.
Next step – Add sleeves
Final step – Add a collar

I can’t wait to finish this one and wear it. Then I can try out some different designs to put up on my Conscious Crafties website 😁.

Don’t you just love to design new things and try new patterns? 😁

#wip #workinprogress #wednesday #lovetocrochet #lovecrochet #yarnlove #meetthemaker #crochetaddict #instacrochet #crochetlove #craftyfeatures #crochettherapy #consciouscrafties #craftiesrock #handmadelove #toriastrinkets #makersgottamake #crochetcrazy #smallbusinessowner #buyhandmade #handmadegifts (at Toria’s Trinkets)

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